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Is INDIA still an ENIGMA for you?

Is INDIA still an ENIGMA for you?

Upon immersing myself in the insightful article by Prashant Nair and Mangalam Maloo, covering Mark Matthews honest perspective and fine analysis of our markets on missing India. (Link – –

I couldn’t help but reflect on my own humble experiences in the world of Sales in Financial markets . Throughout my journey navigating global markets and launching various products and businesses, one truth consistently stood out: Product is one & thats INDIA.I took pride in showcasing India as the ultimate product, weaving its narrative into the very fabric of my sales career.Passionately sharing India, with global players through the firm I represented.

During a transformative meeting in NY, a global hedge fund lawyer questioned my unwavering passion for India, comparing it to a mere tip of a needle. In that moment, I remained resolute, responding with humility and unwavering confidence. While India may seem small in comparison, I emphasized that it had evolved into a behemoth worth over 30 Bln$ in the public market and even more in private markets / FDIs and other sectors. I presented GIFT City , our own International Financial centre as an example , iemphasized that our markets are for those who sought alpha , with the power of patience long-term gains are here. As recent news has revealed,they entered India post-COVID, albeit a bit late.

Today, India has shed its enigmatic status and stands as an undeniable force.

To those who doubt India’s worth, I humbly invite reconsideration.

The once modest needle’s tip has transformed into a monumental symbol of triumph, inviting alpha generators and patient investors on this remarkable journey. Inviting views of Industry thought leaders –

Sandeep Bagla – How can investors align their strategies to benefit from India’s evolving financial markets.

Harish Madaan – From market development and policy point of view, how do you see financial markets progress in terms of its products point of view attracting global capital ? 

Nimesh Kampani – Do you believe its India’s decade ? what 3 things stands out for you in context of Indian Service industry

soumya kanta padhi – Whats your views will SME Exchanges add to India resilience as market for investment opportunities?

Sandip Shah – How best will you describe GIFT City to the world thats still skeptic about India ? 

Sarita Bahl – What it means to the CSR world?

Tripti Sharma – What do you think of how India centric fund flows will reach MSMEs? Are MSMEs looking at Listing route ? 

Radhika Bajoria – You lead the content space in India whats your views , isntd there is a common denominator across all success stories or people and they all converge at one place ? in this case for me its been India. 

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AI isn't the only 'mega force' trend!

Exciting insights from Gargi Pal Chaudhuri, BlackRock’s Head of iShare Investment Strategy, shed light on the driving forces behind innovation in finance. Let’s delve into the highlights! 


Chaudhuri emphasizes that AI, represented by, is already making a significant impact on finance and will continue to do so. AI’s transformative power can be witnessed in portfolio management, risk assessment, and compliance, shaping the industry’s landscape.


But that’s not all! Chaudhuri reveals two other major trends that will reshape the future of finance. Firstly, demographics  will play a crucial role. As the global population ages, financial services will witness a seismic shift in demand. The industry must adapt to cater to the unique needs of an older clientele.


Secondly, climate change  emerges as another influential trend. Finance must confront the risks posed by rising sea levels and extreme weather events. Adapting to these environmental challenges is paramount for future success.


In summary, this article offers an insightful overview of the mega-force trends propelling the finance industry forward. A must-read for anyone passionate about understanding the future of finance! Join the conversation on LinkedIn and stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape