Ether Advisors


Ether Advisors

The Daily Lawyer

Jenna (Jenna Narayan) V Krishnan

Legal Advisor for Ether Wire

Jenna is a trailblazing lawyer of our generation and the visionary founder of The Daily Lawyer (TDL).



Pankaj Singh

Strategic Advisor to Ether Wire for start-up fund raise.

Pankaj Singh an Army Brat is a dynamic individual with an insatiable appetite for business ideas, community welfare projects, and social drives.


Tripti Sharma

Founder | Positive Intelligence Coach Advisor for collaboration for MSME’s and Women Enterprenuers

Tripti Sharma, the founder of MSME TALK, wears multiple hats as a host, curator, and coach. Her expertise lies in helping overwhelmed founders and entrepreneurs achieve profitable and sustainable businesses while maintaining a healthy personal life through business and mental fitness coaching.


Creo Elements LLP

Hiral Doctor

Collaborators for EtherWire’s Digital Marketing Stratergy

Hiral, an ex-banker, has dedicated years with the corporate banking in a multinational bank. She effortlessly blends analytical thinking with creativity to breathe life into brands. Armed with a paintbrush, she skillfully crafts captivating works of art that serve as a medium for her boundless creativity and evoke a diverse range of emotions.